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Happy to introduce a significant initiative The Trust Protocol Association by the OISTE.ORG Foundation with the aim of instating a new trust protocol for the Internet. This protocol would serve as a foundation for ensuring secure and authenticated interactions over the digital realm.

  1. Trust Protocol Association: This entity is tasked with the establishment of a new trust protocol that would merge traditional cryptographic trust methods with modern blockchain-based transactions.
  2. OISTE WISeKey Root of Trust: The backbone of this proposed system is the highly secure and authenticated root certificate that ensures any Trust system or entity interacting under its umbrella is genuine and can be trusted.
  3. Global Trust Platform: With the introduction of this new protocol, the aim is to build a worldwide platform that houses various governmental, technology, and business stakeholders. Each of these stakeholders can act as a certification node, making it a decentralized and globally recognized system.
  4. Promotion of Blockchain: One of the primary goals of the Association is to spread awareness and usage of blockchain technologies across the globe. This would help in ensuring that more entities adopt a uniform and secure system of transaction and interaction.
  5. Facilitating Adoption: Beyond mere promotion, the Association aims to make the transition to blockchain-based solutions quicker and more streamlined.
  6. Collaboration: A significant emphasis has been put on collaboration. By involving public, private, and academic sectors, the Association is looking at a holistic approach to establishing this protocol.

The establishment of such a protocol could drastically alter the way we view internet security. By integrating cryptographic trust models with blockchain, the Association is looking to provide a more reliable and trustworthy internet where transactions and interactions are authenticated at the highest level.

Moreover, by decentralizing the certification process through multiple nodes across countries, it reduces the risk of single points of failure and creates a more robust and reliable system.

The Trust Protocol Association seems to be an ambitious initiative aiming to overhaul internet trust protocols, making them more secure, reliable, and decentralized using blockchain technology.

Purpose and Objectives

WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity company, and the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), an organization specialized in blockchain technology, have created a number of interconnected Blockchain Centers of Excellence around the world.

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