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What You Can Use Blockchain For?

Issue and trade things of value—currency tokens, utility tokens, or e.g., outstanding invoices—in a secure, transparent, private, and self-reconciling “chain” of transactions Adds speed and flexibility to cash and asset management. For example, using verified invoices from enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, companies could raise needed cash quickly or accelerate cash flow by selling invoices on an autonomous invoice-factoring marketplace.
Managing spending is a challenge in most organizations. Take a look at these statistics from Ardent Partners CPO Rising 2016: Less than half (45%) of spend is contract compliant Only 39% of addressable spend is actually sourced Only 63% of spend is linked to a purchase order Alternatively, enterprises could create a self-governed blockchain network for suppliers and partners. This could enable automated smart contracts, instant payments, and Internet of Things (IoT)-activated shipments. Without human interaction, errors and missing information are reduced across transactions, and transactions happen faster because buyers and sellers are directly connected.
Traditionally, industries rely on third parties to guard databases of their shared information using firewalls and restricted access. As frequent high-profile data breaches demonstrate, this practice isn’t ideal. But if each data element is secured and encrypted with a blockchain member’s key, a cybercriminal would need to have access to each key of each member to access all of the blockchain data. This is not to say that blockchain makes all data 100% secure, but it certainly can help to prevent the exposure of large numbers of private records in a single act. E.g., employee or student records, where employers and educational institutions and even industry certification bodies can add new qualifications, grades or work positions as they are obtained. Imagine giving an employee a key for access to all of his or her employee records as part of a secure blockchain that human resources (HR) also participates in. Individuals would be able to share their college transcripts or employment with employers or other educational institutions securely and not rely on faxing copies of certificates that are unreliable and easy to forge.
Blockchain can help to guarantee product quality and safety by making it easier to track and locate in-use products and materials. For example, let’s say an auto manufacturer forms a quality-focused blockchain that includes parts suppliers, sub-assembly makers, a quality-control provider, and the public regulatory body (e.g National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Recalls of defective parts would then progress much faster, and thus be more effective. This is significant, considering that tens of thousands of lives are lost annually because of defective auto parts.

Delivering Enterprise Grade Capabilities

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Performance at Scale

Parallel execution Elastic scale-out Much faster world-state DB Auto-tuning and dynamic scaling

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Operational Resilience

High availability VMs Autonomous recovery agents Continuous backup to object store Autonomous multi-AD DR

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Security & Confidentiality

Integrated identity management Data encryption at-rest Certificate revocation management Fine-grained access control mechanism

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Supportability & Operations

Dynamic configuration Monitoring dashboards Zero-downtime managed patching Multi-datacenter deployments Governance for consortia

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Development & Integration

Offline dev/test support SQL-based rich queries Synchronous & async REST APIs Java, GO, and Node.js SDKs Enterprise App Adapters Rich queries for history DB Analytics integration

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform

Industrialized, hardened blockchain cloud platform for enterprise applications

Securing Blockchain transactions with WISeKey

WISeCoin AG becomes one of the first external trusted identity providers on Oracle

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WISeKey as trusted identity provider

Keys generated by a trusted authority

Blockchain transactions signed directly by a secure chipset

Hardware-enforced security: keys never leave the chipset

PKCS #11 standard

Blockchain Center of excellence (cooperation between WISeKey and Blockchain research Institute)

Offering for Members and Sponsors

WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity company, and the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), an organization specialized in blockchain technology, have created a number of interconnected Blockchain Centers of Excellence around the world.

The goal is to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology, save the country and its businesses two years in research and development of said technology, as well as help prevent the government and its businesses from making big mistakes, and to create better security in government and throughout the country in this new world of cybercrime.

This will aim to be achieved through the following objectives: 

  • Make all research conducted the Blockchain Research Institute available to the Geneva Government;
  • Develop strategies to make the research available to all businesses in Geneva;
  • Create a cryptographic root key for the Geneva Government through WISeKey’s leading edge technology
  • To participate in educational activities and programs for businesses in the country and government employees
  • Give specialized access to the definitive set of online courses provided on Coursera in partnership with INSEAD and featuring Don Tapscott, which will introduce business professionals to the world of Blockchain technology—explaining what blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary. 
  • Collaborate in hiring staff to populate and secure office space for the Blockchain Center of Excellence.
  • Provide consulting on creating services for the Blockchain Center of Excellence to help speed up adoption of Blockchain technology in Geneva and help the position of the Canton as a leading Blockchain Hub


CA (Certification Authority) for each BCCoE

100+ research papers by the BRI and the BCCoE eco-system

Blockchain courses and certification in partnership with Coursera and INSEAD


Strategies for best practices available

Collaborate in hiring staff to populate office space for the Blockchain Center of Excellence

Consulting services to help speed up adoption of blockchain technology


Educational sessions for government and organizations

Host, coach and incubate local blockchain endeavors

Organize events, meet-ups and webinars with experts and potential clients

Blockchain to protect intangible assets

Challenges of today's intangible assets

Lack of clear evidence of date of creation and ownership for many IP assets that are produced

Increase of intangible assets due to the digital transformation and acceleration of innovation

Evidence and registration of IP rights is either complex, expensive and time consuming, or does not exist. Unregistered assets are at risk.

Intellectual Property at a glance

Why blockchain for unregistered intangible assets?

How it works?


WISeKey is a leading listed global cybersecurity company currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT.

WISeID: The Digital Identity for people, powerful and easy to use

Consortium of Swiss financial actors

Pooling the ressources of financial actors will lead them to reduce non value-added compliance tasks.

How it works?


WISeKey is a leading listed global cybersecurity company currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT.

WISeID: The Digital Identity for people, powerful and easy to use


Company Overview

We are driven in the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Aurachain is an enterprise software company with more than 14 years of specialized experience in the area of high-performance process automation solutions.


Countries in which we implemented client solutions


Process governance solutions delivered

Globally recognized as an award-winning leader.


Aurachain Platform

The only low-code development platform for the rapid creation and deployment of both digital process applications and smart contract applications on Blockchain networks.


Streamlining and enhancing the internal and external trust-base collaboration of ecosystem partners and Operational participants

Deployable on Hyperledger, Ethereum and compatible Networks. Quickly adaptable for alternative networks with a container based architecture to drive heavy

Multi-dimensional and fully configurable rules engine Drives Intelligent Application Behavior, ensuring that performance Mirrors the organization’s operational profile.

Business driven design with enterprise grade Performance and durability, accelerating automation Though the collaboration of business and IT.

Launching a Next-Gen Blockchain Application with Digital Invoice Sign-Off


A Solution for Secure Automation of Invoice Approval Process for VAT Reconciliation

100% fully digital business process for the generation of digitally signed invoices and alignment of legal binding activities between the invoice issuer and receiver, bank and treasury.

Remote qualified digital signing through integration with WISekey WiSeID. Users can create legally binding electronic signatures without the hassle of smartcards or other complex devices.

Check account balance via API before payment order submission.

Transactions replicated to all parties through DLT and invoice hashes are stored in blockchain, adding a timestamp dimension of security.


How we are Building the Collaborative TRUST?


Covers the legal requirements for Qualified Digital Signature Certificate. The Digital signature certificate come with private and public key and is issued by a registered authority.

No need for invoice reconciliation because everyone is using the same ledger.

Secure by design. All transactions are digitally signed and assure:

  • Prevent potential fraud, because it can't be modified in "traffic";
  • Liability, because it assures that it has been submitted by the owner of the certificate;
  • Nonrepudiation, because the owner can't renegade the transaction;
  • Immutability, because transactions are cryptographically linked it assures that nobody can modify the "timestamp" of the transaction.

Can provide a smart framework for opening the rewarding of the "good faith taxpayers" and for promoting a positive fiscal behavior



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