TPA Events




29 Sep, 2020

Lecciones de la crisis: seguridad informática, prioridad de las PYMEs para operar en el comercio electrónico.


19 August, 2020

WISeKey and ARAGO To Host A Virtual Fireside Chat between their two founders Carlos Moreira and Chris Boos on the Integration of AI with Cybersecurity and IoT


23 July, 2020

How to Help Governments, Health and Travel Organizations Deploy a WIShelter Covid-19 Trusted Digital Health Passport on the Blockchain


May 11th, 2020

End to End secured Asset Tracking/Monitoring enabled by Secured IoT BLE Beacons


January 22, 2020

WISeKey to Lead Groundbreaking 2020 Davos Roundtables Focusing on Cybersecurity and TransHuman Code for a Sustainability Era


July 29, 2019

Humanity 2.0 to host Authors of The transHuman Code and Artificial Humanity for a ‘Meeting of The Minds’ at the Vatican – Rome, Italy July 29th, 2019